Vegetarian Beef Bouillon Seasoning Mix

Total Time
Prep 10 mins
Cook 0 mins

My sister and I have had a really hard time recreating beef soup mix flavors. She's been begging me to try out some seasoning mixes that can approximate and substitute for it, and I think this one is pretty good. I'm open to suggestions if anyone has any!

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  1. Dice or grind the shiitaki mushrooms finely.
  2. Mix with all other spices.
  3. Seal in jar or ziplock bag.
  4. To use: mix 1/2 tablespoon spice mix with 1 cup hot water.
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I always use beef bouillon when I make roast beef, but I ran out today with a 5lb roast ready to go into the oven. I made this recipe (minus the mushrooms, not having any) and doubled it. I added 2 tsp of the amount that was created (probably around 2 TBSP total) and added it to about 6 cups of water I was using with the roast. That broth then cooked down to less than 2 cups, and made a delicious gravy. So good that I intend to make my own bouillon seasoning from now on! No MSG and just as tasty! Thank you! (I used whole bay leaves in the broth while the roast was roasting, instead of using crushed bay leaf in the seasoning mix.)

miva_iller March 02, 2014

Nice recipe! I whizzed the ingredients in my food processor and that worked fine. I tried some as a cup of soup and needed to add over a tbsp to taste it. But when I used it as a flavoring in a pasta salad - it was wonderful! I plan on making a larger quantity and keeping it in the pantry for cold pasta salad seasonings. Made for M3C.

Kathy228 November 02, 2008

I'm not a vegetarian, but this just sounds like a good soup base, period. Will rate when we actually use it. :)

Kristi Waterworth August 02, 2008