Tequila Mojitos

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Total Time
10 mins
8 mins

Just saw these in Southern Living and can't wait to try them.

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  1. Bring sugar and water to a boil in med saucepan. Boil, stirring often, till sugar dissolves. Remove from heat; add mint and let stand 2 hours or till cool.
  2. Pour mixture through a wire mesh strainer into a pitcher, discarding mint. Stir in soda, juice, and tequila. Serve over ice.
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WOW! This was awesome! I'm a margarita lover and this was a great "twist" on that! I don't usually like things too sweet, and this was great. We used fresh lime juice and Patron. What a refreshing summer drink! Can't wait to make them again!

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Very refreshing! I already had a Simple Syrup solution prepared, so I muddled the mint in the syrup, strained and proceeded with the recipe as written. I used Patron Tequila and Sprite for the lemon-lime and the taste was great! Thank you for sharing, kitchenslave03!