Swimmer's Ear Drops

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5 mins
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Hi, I am a pediatrician & this is what I recommend to my patients. The alcohol helps dry the canal and the vinegar acidifies it which inhibits bacterial growth. Cheap and easy!

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  • 1 fluid ounce vinegar
  • 1 fluid ounce rubbing alcohol


  1. Mix the vinegar and alcohol in a small dropper bottle.
  2. After swimming or bathing, dry the ears well and add a few drops to each canal.
  3. Remember, don't put anything into your ear canal smaller than your elbow (especially cotton swabs)!
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Effective as long as an infection hasn't already set in. If you don't have a dropper bottle, just soak a cotton ball with the solution and squeeze a few drops into the affected ear(s).

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Got this from an ENT at least 15 years ago. I use as a preventative, adding a couple of drops to the kids' ears each time they get out of the pool. It works! Thanks for sharing!

We use this recipe and it works great! It's also inexpenisve to make. Much cheaper than the $3-$6 bottles we bought at the store.