Total Time
Prep 5 mins
Cook 0 mins

Serve it with your choice of crisp salad. It is great as a main course or a starter, or as a cold canape when sliced thinly. It goes exceptionally well with a sharp grapefruit salad! You may use low-fat cream cheese. Please note, cooking time does not include chilling time.

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  1. Cut cling film to the size of 20cm x 15cm and place it on the work surface.
  2. Arrange the smoked salmon slices on the cling film, slightly overlapping each slice.
  3. Soften cream cheese in a bowl (bring it to room temperature which makes it easier to spread), then carefully spread onto the smoked salmon.
  4. Sprinkle toasted sesame seeds and parsley on top of the cream cheese.
  5. Roll the salmon in cling film as tightly as possible into a shape of a log and tie both ends of the cling film to seal it airtight.
  6. Chill in fridge for at least six hours.
  7. To serve, slice into 2-3 pieces and place on a bed of crisp salad.
Most Helpful

Rich and surprisingly easy to roll up tightly. These were gobbled up by everyone. A great appetizer or different supper, Aaliyah and Aaron's mum.

sugarpea March 17, 2008

Dinner parties are the favored way to socialize here & they do it right. It is just too expensive to eat out, but not an ounce of flavor or touch of elegance is sacrificed, so it has been a culinary journey for this home-style & Tex-Mex transplant from Dallas. Smoked salmon is always a hit as a starter, but this recipe is all about technique & presentation for me as I favor easy-fixes that are pretty on the plate. I started the assembly of the roulade using cling film, but found it easier & more secure to use parchment paper. I sprinkled the top of the roulade w/a bit of dill, mostly for color. After that, the chill time & a very sharp knife do the rest for you. As an appy snack for just 2 of us, I served it w/some veggies for color. simple toasted bread rounds brushed lightly w/olive oil & my Gravlaxsosa (The Real Deal). This was such a treat & is sure to be repeated for guests in the future. Thx for posting this recipe for us.

twissis March 07, 2008