Slow Cooker Cube Steaks ( Overnight )

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READY IN: 10hrs 30mins
Recipe by SunSpirit

I came up with this recipe as something for a "quick fix overnight meal".I cook this overnight in my crock-pot so I have lunch ready at anytime.My family raves about it and there are rarely any leftovers.This recipe can be made in small amounts or larger.I hope anyone who tries it will enjoy! = ) Tip: The slow cooker liners are helpful for easier clean-up.

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  1. Place liner in crock-pot.In a gallon sized plastic storage bag,place a small amount of flour.Dip steaks 1-2 at a time in flour until well coated,continue until all steaks are coated.Place steaks in bottom of crock-pot.Layer potatoes,carrots,mushrooms,and onion ( if used ) in crock-pot.Pour jar of gravy ,then beef broth over mixture, using some of the broth to "rinse out" gravy jar.Sprinkle with black pepper.Place lid on slow cooker,turn on Low and cook 10-14 hours.
  2. Cook time depends on how soon you start crock-pot and how done you want steaks.I usually start mine at 9:30 pm and turn it off at 11:30-noon.We like our steaks well done.Steaks should literally fall apart when taken out of crock-pot.The toughest steaks are soooooo tender!
  3. Yield depends on how many steaks are cooked and how many people show up at your door!
  4. If I have any leftovers a day or so later,I cut them up small and pan fry them for a "hash" like meal.Can fry a couple of eggs alongside this for a breakfast or brunch.

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