Total Time
Prep 5 mins
Cook 8 mins

My son adores steamed broccoli, especially the way they serve it at the Outback Restaurant. He loves it so much he asks for broccoli instead of fries when we eat there!! This is what I came up with that he deemed "perfect". (The sugar is merely to help the water boil, like salt does, without adding a salty flavor to the vegetables. I read that tip on a website when I was learning to use the steamer and have used it ever since.)


  1. Place the sugar the bottom of your pan, insert steamer basket. Add the enough water to come just below the bottom of the steamer basket. Bring to a boil. Reduce heat to medium.
  2. Add broccoli to basket and cover with a lid. Steam for 7-8 minutes, depending on your tenderness preference.
  3. While steaming broccoli, melt butter in the serving bowl in the microwave.
  4. Add broccoli and stir to coat.


Most Helpful

I love steamed broccoli more then any other vegetable. I use my electric steamer and place the sugar, or dill or a bay leaf in the little drawer that fits under the steamer basket. Sprinkle it with a little kosher salt and steam until desired tenderness. Mix it with the melted butter as Marg suggests. The most delicious vegetable side to any meal. Use this technique for califlower (with seasoned salt mixed into your melted butter), fresh green beans and onions (add a layer of bacon strips to the top), carrots, artichokes, corn on the cob (try this with some red sweet bell pepper stips on top) or just about any kind of fresh vegetable you desire. Nothing tastes better then fresh steamed vegetables.

Karen From Colorado September 18, 2006

This was good and easy to make. We love broccoli but I had never made it with butter. It was tasty and everyone enjoyed it. I followed the recipe as written other then I used Splenda instead of sugar as that is all I buy.

bmcnichol June 18, 2008

This really does make the most delicious broccoli! Melting the butter the bowl and stirring to coat was a new trick for me; works much better than dotting the butter on top and letting it melt down. Deceptively simple -- it's always fun to learn new and better ways to do things. Thanks for posting.

Soeur Souris April 25, 2007

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