Total Time
Prep 10 mins
Cook 30 mins

Haven't tried this one yet. :-)

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  1. Heat the stock in a pan and simmer gently.
  2. In another pan heat the oil and butter, add the onion and cook for 4 minutes, until soft.
  3. Add the rice and stir for 2 minutes or until the rice is transparent.
  4. Stir in a ladleful of the hot stock, and a little wine. When all the liquid is absorbed, add a further ladleful of stock and wine. Continue adding the stock and wine, until the rice is cooked and has a creamy consistency.
  5. Add the salmon, basil, pine nuts, sundried tomatoes and Parmesan. Season well and serve.
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I chose to flake the salmon after the saut? and mixed all the ingredients in with the arborio rice and onions as the last of the broth and wine was absorbed. I finished by mixing in a couple tablespoons of the olive oil in which I had saut?ed the salmon and sprinkled some parmesan.

Great dish, but I would consider it a main, not a side. Next time, I think I would leave a little extra broth in the separate pot, let it caramelize (slightly), add a touch of flour to thicken and drizzle the sauce over the plate as an added touch. Garnish with basil.

This recipe needed at least THREE cups more liquid. We kept adding water, but more wine would've been excellent. I would also add more sun dried tomatoes. Other additions could have been made, too--garlic, other seafood, more cheese.

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This is good. I needed more stock than it called for. I will add more sun dried tomatoes next time; and probably more cheese. Overall a good dish to use up my leftover salmon!