Roasted Garlic Oil

READY IN: 1hr 5mins
Recipe by ROV Chef

This recipe yields 2 incredible items. One is the listed garlic oil, the other is lots of roasted garlic. Search away if you can't think of what to use the roasted garlic in. I use the oil in just about everything that I want to have a nice garlic flavor. Great in salad dressings. A couple of tips here. First, don't waste your money using high end extra virgin olive oil. Just use the plain old olive oil. Second, if you can find it, use the already peeled and processed garlic cloves. I'd rather pay extra for someone else to do that, than peel 2 pounds of garlic by hand.

Top Review by puppitypup

After using this oil up in many different dishes over the last two weeks, I have to say that we love it and that it will be a fixture in our house from now on. I'm using it in salads, meat marinades, veggies and on garlic bread. I'm also using it whenever any recipe calls for sauteeing in olive oil. I'm too spoiled now to use my regular olive oil. :lol: Thanks ROV!


  1. Preheat oven to 250°F.
  2. Place garlic in a deep casserole dish and cover with oil. Add extra if needed to cover all the garlic. don't use as much as called for if it won't all fit in your dish. This is not an exact recipe here. The main thing is that all the garlic is covered with oil.
  3. Cook in the oven until the garlic is soft and squishy.
  4. Remove from oven and let it cool a bit.
  5. Remove garlic from the oil and set aside. Let the garlic cool completely in the fridge before you cover it.
  6. Pour oil through a coffee filter and into a shallow pan and let it cool in the fridge before you bottle it.
  7. Keep refrigerated and use the oil soon.
  8. The garlic can be frozen if you want to hold on to it for awhile, but it will break down when it's thawed. I like to puree it into a smooth past and use it that way.
  10. To help avoid any risk of illness I suggest that you treat this entire procedure like you are doing home canning. SANITIZE EVERYTHING THAT WILL COME IN CONTACT WITH FOOD!
  11. I can't stress this enough. Botulism is nothing to mess around with. I have never had a problem with my flavored oils. Always smell them before you use them. If there is any doubt about the quality, TOSS IT! You can't be too careful.
  12. Be careful and enjoy.

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