Total Time
21hrs 5mins
Prep 5 mins
Cook 21 hrs

From the second Elle cookbook, this puree is great served warm with any grilled or roasted meat or wonderful as a dip.


  1. Sort and wash beans and put into pan with a large quantity cold water.
  2. bring slowly to boil over period of 45 mins, as soon as water bubbles drain off water and cover the beans with more boiling water.
  3. add bouquet garni and the onion peeled and stuck with the cloves.
  4. continue cooking slowly for another 13/4 hours.
  5. season with salt towards end of cooking time.
  6. drain and keep 5 fluid oz of cooking liquid.
  7. put beans thru blender but watch carefully to retain a texture in the puree.
  8. mix in the crushed garlic and ground walnuts.
  9. add the olive oil and as much cooking liquid as is needed to obtain required consistency.
  10. season well and add sherry vinegar to taste.