Total Time
Prep 5 mins
Cook 15 mins

Being of Portuguese decent and from Rhode Island, this recipe combines both of my favorites! Make sure to serve warm, crusty bread with this to soak up all the delicious broth!

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  1. Wash clams well in a sink of cold water. Discard any clams that are already opened.
  2. In a large stock pot with a tight fitting lid, place the cleaned clams.
  3. Add the sausage, onion, tomatoes, wine, garlic and red pepper.
  4. Cover and set over high heat; Steam until all the clams open up. Be sure to shake the pan often to insure even heat.
  5. Drizzle olive oil over the cooked clams. Evenly divide all the ingredients into warm soup plates.
  6. Divide the broth into side cups for dipping.
Most Helpful

This is recipe is fantastic - easy and delicious. We had something similar at a restaurant in Kennebunkport, Maine, so I was pleased to see how easy it was to replicate. I've used regular chorizo b/c I can never find the spanish salami-type chorizo. Just take it out of the casing first and saute it before adding the clams. It's a little more work, but I've also sauted the onion (chopped) and garlic first, then added everything else. The left over broth is a tasty base for a soup, sauce, etc. If you're worried about grit in the broth (no matter how well I clean my clams, there's always a bit of grit left), scoop out the veggies & sausage with a slotted spoon (or strainer), then strain the rest of the broth through cheese cloth.

Bolistoli February 16, 2013

We loved these. I can't believe no one else has reviewed these!!!! If you haven't tried these-you must! We serve these with corn on the cob and a tomato salad for a real summer time treat. Just put newspaper on the picnic table, and dig in ( don't forget pleanty of hot french bread). When the meal is over, just roll up the newsprint with the shells and corn cobs in it and toss in the trash- a very easy clean up. We even made these for a winter time carpet picnic. We served the same meal on the cocktail table in the living room ( we put a plastic painters cloth on the cockail table before the newsprint) put some beach music on the c.d. player, and wished it was summer. However you choose to serve these- give them a try!

jerseygirl1952 May 17, 2011