Total Time
Prep 15 mins
Cook 30 mins

I'm not much of a dessert cook, but this is foolproof and tastes great.

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  1. Grease a shallow 18x28cm ovenproof dish with butter.
  2. Place the plum halves, evenly over the base of the dish.
  3. Place eggs and sugar in a food processor and blend until pale.
  4. Add the flour and essence and process until smooth.
  5. Add the milk.
  6. Process until well mixed.
  7. Pour the batter over the plums.
  8. Bake in a moderately hot oven (190°C) for 25 to 30 minutes or until the custard is set and golden.
  9. Serve dusted with icing sugar, cream or ice cream.


Most Helpful

Jan ~ I am not much on Baking or doing desserts~ I ususlly let my Mom do that !! But; some times I do get in the "MOOD" & I try to find something easy !! I am so glad you gave me this one ! Its was very easy and it was very ~very good and it will be a dessert Mom won't have to make because it on my List know ! Iam gald you took your sisters advice & add it to Zaar!!

Poker July 14, 2003

O.k...I must admit this is a hard one to review.
It was so easy to make, and everything goes so well together when you make this. I used fresh plums and to cut out any tart taste I sprinkled some brown sugar on the base before adding the halved plums.
I actually loved this............. BUT DH hates plums and loves custard, he loved the plums not the custard. DS was the same and DD & I both do like like custard that much but loved this.....go figure!
I think the problem is not the recipe, it is the texture!
The custard does have an unusual texture in the mouth, but great flavours. Sweet yet tart if that makes any sense.
DD and I enjoyed it so much Jan!
Although left overnight it does tend to go a rather purple colour, but still taste great!
This recipe does go so very well with cream or ice-cream and I think this is a must to offset the texture.
Overall I think this is fantastic and will make it again, but maybe just for 2 of us! ;-)

Tisme February 01, 2012

I made this with fresh plums and peaches and it was quick to do and worked wonderfully - I loved it !!

katew April 12, 2010

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