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I have used this recipe for a few years and its pretty good. You can also use it for that water melon that has no flavor. I did, and it turn out great.

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  1. Trim off ends of beans.
  2. combine salt, vinegar and Water in large pot.
  3. Bring to boil.
  4. Pack beans lengthwise into hot jars, leave 1/4 inch headspace.
  5. Add 1/4 teaspoons red pepper flakes, 1 clove garlic or 1/4 tsp dry minced garlic, 1 head of dill to each pint jar.
  6. Ladle in hot liquid into jars.
  7. Remove air bubbles Hint: (I use a chop stick) put on two-peice caps.
  8. place in hot water bath.
  9. process pints for 10 minutes.

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