Petoules (Pan-Fried Honey Pancake)

Total Time
Prep 10 mins
Cook 10 mins

A recipe I found while searching for Greek recipes for ZWT, so untried by me, but something I know my family would enjoy. Here is a link to the site I found this recipe: Here is what is stated about the recipe: "May 21st marks a very special day on the Greek calendar where we celebrate the namedays of Kostadinos and Eleni. Greeks are big on namedays, and is a cause for birthday-like celebrations including sweets, gifts, and parties. Much the same as birthdays in other cultures, the honoree is the host, and has to offer a “kerasma” (kerasma signifies an offering to a guest to convey friendship and hospitality.) My mothers “kerasma” for her nameday is petules, which is a pan-fried pancake covered with honey and dusted with cinnamon and powdered sugar."

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  1. In a large mixing bowl, mix flour, milk, water, sugar, egg, and baking power.
  2. Wisk until mixed thick similar to pancake mix.
  3. In a medium non stick pan, heat 1/4 cup vegetable oil.
  4. Place a tablespoon of mixture at a time in the heated pan. You may add 5 at a time depending on pan size.
  5. When the mixture starts to form bubbles, turn over and cook until golden brown.
  6. Take petoules out and place in a platter with a paper towel on the bottom. The paper towel will soak up any excess oil.
  7. Drizzle honey and sprinkle cinnamon and powdered sugar.
  8. Serve hot.
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My DH makes breakfast for us on Sunday morning, and during the tour, he makes whatever I choose from the tour for our Sunday morning treat. These were very interesting; ours came out a bit like small crepes, flavor and thickness-wise. We doused them with all available condiments recommended. They really did make for a nice breakfast, and I'm sure we'll be enjoying them again. Thanks for sharing, diner524!

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Mmmmm, I love pancakes and these tiny honey pancakes were wonderful. Quick, easy to make, with ingredients found in the pantry. Perfect served warm with cinnamon, icing sugar and a little honey. They really do remind one of beigenets. Wow, were they the tasty. Thank you for sharing a recipe that I will make again often. Made for ZWT9.

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These were great little fried pancakes! They reminded me of beineights. I tried one fresh out of the pan, and then waited to eat until I had cooked all the batter and fed everyone else - they are MUCH better warm. I got 25 little petoules, which made a full breakfast for 3 people (since they are so small.) They really don't take any time to cook, by the time I had spooned 5 cakes into the pan I needed to flip the first one. For ZWT9