No Salt Seasoning

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10 mins
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  1. Combine all together,in a jar with a shaker top.
  2. good for fish, poultry, anything you want.
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I am another person who has to watch my salt intake and this is an excellent combination of spices. I used this to season chicken tenders and it was very good! UPDATE: I forgot to add that we had this on the picnic table for our July 4th barbecue and it was delicious sprinkled on corn on the cob.

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Wowzer Kitty...never even knew I was missing the salt using this combination of herbs/spices. Wonderful combo. Since I eat only fruits and veggies, this will be perfect and used often. Glad I tagged for NewZaar Stars.!! TY for posting a keeper~

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Terrific! Just what I was looking for! I prepare meals for my sister and a few others who compete in body building shows. Not the BIG muscular women but the figure and fitness girls. They can't have salt, oil or butter so this is a great addition to my no salt selections for them! Thanks Kittencal for posting!