Our 35 Best Paleo Recipes

The latest trendy diet goes way, way back - as in all the way to the Stone Age. We've hunted and gathered all the best meat-and-vegetable mains a Paleo disciple could want.

Slow-Cooker Apple & Sauerkraut Kielbasa

"This was tasty and easy — two of my favorite things."


Paleo Vegetable Pancakes

"These were lovely tasting pancakes. The green onion and avocado garnish was so good."

-Baby Kato

Pumpkin Granola

"You can eat this delicious Paleo granola for breakfast or enjoy it as a snack!"


Easy, Healthy Baked Chicken Breast

"This was so easy and tasty. After 30 minutes in my oven the chicken was moist and very flavorful."


Baked Egg & Tomato Cups

"I ate two servings, and they made a light but filling and delicious lunch."


Chicken Marbella

"I have made this recipe many times and it is so delicious. I have even made it in my slow cooker and it is just as tasty."

-Chef #1379253

Steak, Spinach & Sesame Salad

"This is a super-easy, super-tasty recipe! The dressing is so flavorful, and the heat of it wilted the spinach a little, which I thought was great."


Salmon with Asparagus in Foil

"This recipe changed the way I think about cooking fish. I make it at least every other week. I use frozen salmon fillets and it always turns out great."

-Chef ChelseaBuns

Chocolate Chip Coconut Cookies

"My boyfriend recently started venturing into the realm of Paleo. We both think these cookies are great. They also ship well!"


Greek Lemon-Pepper Fish

"This is fantastic and easy. Just mix the ingredients together and marinate. It's very simple and has great flavor."

-Chef #453011

Chicken Zucchini Skewers

"This is spiced just right. You can also use zucchini chunks instead of ribbons on the skewers. This dish makes for a very easy dinner."


Pork Roast & Sweet Potatoes

"This is very easy and quick. I browned the roast before putting it into the slow cooker, which gave it a nice color. The smell was intoxicating!"


Oven-Baked Coconut Shrimp

"These are fabulous. My whole family loves coconut shrimp, so I was thrilled to find a healthier way to cook them."


Ginger Chicken Breasts

"This was a delicious chicken dish. The smell wafting through the house was incredible. It's so flavorful with so few ingredients."


Bread with Almond Flour

"This bread makes the best gluten-free toast that I've ever had."


Chicken with Tomatoes & Olives

"This was one of the tastiest and most flavorful dishes I have ever made with chicken breasts."

-French Tart

Maple & Mustard-Glazed Salmon

"This is heavenly-good. It has a great taste, with very little fuss."

-Andi of Longmeadow Farm

Grilled Veggies & Steak

"This was fantastic. The flavor was perfect and the meal didn't leave us feeling over-stuffed."


Coconut & Ginger Fish Bake

"If I was served this dish in a restaurant I would be highly impressed, and I'd probably go back there at least twice a month."


Asparagus with Maple-Mustard Sauce

"This had a very nice sweet and tangy taste. I never had asparagus this way before and I was very happy with the end result."


Breakfast Veggie Hash with Eggs

"I loved this recipe! We actually made it as a side dish for supper and then ate the leftovers with eggs in the morning."


Cucumber & Avocado Gazpacho

"This soup is very refreshing. It makes a good base from which a ton of variations can be made."


Grapefruit & Basil Salad

"What a great, refreshing and simple salad idea."


Orange-Maple Chicken

"This was super easy and my whole family loved it."

-Mom to Tyler

Carrot Kugel

"I like this recipe a lot. I follow a Primal diet, and this is a good breakfast option."

-Chef VP

Fruit Ice Cream

"This was delicious. I really liked the concept of using avocado for extra creaminess."


Parchment-Wrapped Cajun Fish

"I loved this cooking method. It took no time and the presentation was beautiful."



"This is packed full of yummy and spicy flavors; I was amazed."


Easy Shrimp Stir-Fry

"My husband loves this recipe. It has a light heat to it, but isn't overly spicy."


Mock Potato Salad

"This is perfect for picnics and barbecues. Replacing the potato with cauliflower is a trick that I learned from my friends on low-carb diets."

-Elana's Pantry

Shrimp & Dijon Salad

"The dressing is perfect. It's just enough to add a great flavor without being too heavy."


Raw Portabella Pizza

"I was pleasantly surprised by this recipe. The tahini mixture is strong, but when you put it all together the blend of flavors taste amazing."


Sage & Prosciutto-Wrapped Tilapia

"This had the perfect pairing of flavors. I used fresh sage, and I loved the earthy balance it gave to the prosciutto and tilapia."


Orange Pork Chops

"Excellent, quick and easy — the three best things when it comes to cooking."

-Joseph Sabatini

No-Salt Seasoning

"You would never even know that you were missing the salt with this combination of herbs and spices."