Total Time
Prep 15 mins
Cook 0 mins

Ingredients in a marinade can be varied, but it is important to use wine, vinegar, lemon juice, or some acidic liquid to break down the connective tissues. This process will make the steak more tender. Remaining marinade ingredients add flavor. Use a good-quality olive oil or walnut oil; add good-quality wine or vinegar and a combination of fresh and dried herbs, seasonings, garlic and soy sauce to make a flavorful marinade.

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  1. Place all ingredients in glass screw-top jar; shake vigorously.
  2. Arrange meat in shallow glass dish; pierce with a fork.
  3. Pour marinade over meat; turn to coat.
  4. Cover and refrigerate several hours or overnight, turning meat occasionally.
  5. Remove meat from marinade; pat dry.
  6. Remove any pieces of spices or herbs that may stick to meat.
  7. This recipe is a steak marinade, but the ingredients can be adapted for other meats using the same techniques.
Most Helpful

I used this recipe, with a few slight modifications to compliment recipe 8224, Fried Rice (Chow Fun). I had a package of a cheap cut of beef (simmering steak) and was looking for a suitable marinade for it. This recipe looked good and so I gave it a go. I deboned and removed most of the fat from the steak and cut it into three inch strips about three eighths of an inch wide. I also scaled the recipe in a few places to compensate for the amount of meat I had to marinate. I also added 2 tablespoons of honey, and a pinch of Basil, just because I like honey and Basil. Also, I used red wine vinegar for the 2nd ingredient. After whisking in a large measuring cup for a bit, I tipped the marinade into a large "Zip-Lock" freezer bag. The meat, having been pierced, went into the bag, the bag was sealed, and everything was given a few turns around and about in the bag. I set the bag into a meat loaf pan and put it into the refrigerator. I turned the bag every hour, and the whole affair was in the fridge for about 7 hours before cooking in my wok. I am pleased to say that an otherwise cheap piece of meat was transformed into a tender and extremely tasty dish. One thing I have learned about marinades… you have to take them on faith. They sometimes smell horrible, even to the point where I though about tossing it out and starting over again. I'm glad I didn't… bad smell ultimately led to a fabulous taste. Another 5 star rating from me for this recipe.

Robert Byrd October 15, 2001

Makes steak taste like nothing i've ever tasted & makes it melt in your mouth . Had my parents over for dinner & the recipe has been passed on to my mother too. Nice one !!!!!

tommy 21361 May 06, 2002

YUM!! This is the marinade for steak I have been trying to find!! We like a marinade, but nothing that overpowers the taste of the steak. I prefer to make them because they are cheaper and I can control the salt, but my husband is picky about his steak. I used some pinot grigio I had open in the fridge and low sodium soy, but followed this recipe to the letter. I thought I was going to make the steaks the same night but we weren't that hungry, so they stayed in the marinade around 24 hours until the following evening. I grilled them inside on my grill pan, and served them with a couple of veggies. I have tried a few others on this site and my husband said they were too strong. This one he said was a keeper after the first bite!!! Thank you for sharing :)

CookingBlues March 19, 2013