Low Fat Chicken Tandoori Chutney & Banana Pizza

Total Time
24hrs 10mins
Prep 24 hrs
Cook 10 mins

I GET E-X-C-I-T-E-D and this is my created recipe! SO YUMMY, healthy as can be! Inspired by my travels, hope you enjoy too! Nutritious, delicious, did I mention low fat TRUE??? Also HIGHLY recommend using this recipe with this, I HOPE you don't give this a miss! http://www.recipezaar.com/266991

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  1. Cut chicken into slices; place in ziploc bag to marinate overnight.
  2. Combine 1st 7 ingredients; combine with chicken in ziplock bag.
  3. NOTE: Omitted salt from recipe suggested; feel free to add 1/4 teaspoons.
  4. On wholegrain tortilla, spread chutney as a base, sliced chicken, banana sliced thinly, handful of rocket, crumbled feta and top with coriander.
  5. On flat tray lined with al foil, place pizza into oven for about 10 - 12 minutes until feta turns light brown.
  6. ENJOY!
  7. NOTE: You will not use 150g of sliced chicken on one tortilla; can use up to 450 g of sliced chicken re the marinade.
  8. NOTE: I used vanilla no fat yogurt for extra taste and smoked hungarian paprika as well as HOT Bengal chutney (store bought).
Most Helpful

Very nice recipe, which I made with a few variations - apricot chutney and my own homemade pizza base. I was surprised at how well the chicken and banana went together. Delicious - will definitely make again!

LemurKat November 26, 2010

I LOVED this! That said, I believe this is a pizza for the adventurous and not for everyone. I used sliced plaintain instead of banana and it took me about 5-6 tablespoons of chutney to cover a Flat-Out flatbread. Chutney was definitely the dominant flavor, so much that next time I would omit the feta to make this lower-fat. Vegetarians could even omit the chicken since this is a flavorful pizza without it. The chicken is delicious on its own (seems like an inordinate amount of paprika but it works-and while step#7 reminds you, this is enough marinade for a pound of chicken.) I DID GRILL IT FIRST. A great invention, Mickey! Made for the Help a Camera-less Chef game.

FLKeysJen June 15, 2008