Lolly Cake (One Bowl, No Cook!!!)

Total Time
10 mins
0 mins

Of course a true Kiwi was the inventer of this one, you can buy it in all bakerys, but since we moved to England, my godmother made a recipe for us

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  1. crush biscuits.
  2. mix with all ingredients except coconut.
  3. form a long roll.
  4. roll in coconut.
  5. wrap in greaseproof paper.
  6. refridgerate 12 hours.
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This was really yummy and easy to make. I made 2, one to the original recipe and one using flaked almonds and gummy snakes just to see how using other ingredients worked and both ways was perfect. The kids are asking when am I going to make it again. Once I put it out it didnt last long. Thank you for an easy recipe that is a crowd pleaser. The kids are going to make a couple and slice them up, wrap in cellophane and nice ribbon and give as christmas gifts to teachers and friends.