Ladybug C/O --Tasty Dish--

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10 mins
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From If you get sick eating peanut butter, please substitute another mortar such as cream cheese. Another substitute could be mini chocolate chips for the dried fruit. Mommy used a whole prune for her ladybug's head! [[Tee-hee!]]

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  1. On lettuce leaf, place the half cored apple red peel side facing up.
  2. Place dried fruit on apple with small dabs of peanut butter.
  3. Use one whole grape for the ladybug's head. Slice a small slit off the end of the grape so it stands up straight.
  4. Cut up the remaining grapes into thin pieces to make the ladybug's feet and antennae. (You might need an adult to help you with this step).
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What a fun idea! Even though Im not a child anymore I really enjoyed making and eating my ladybug. :)
I used organic red grapes which were so big I only needed 3.
THANK YOU SO MUCH for sharing this great recipe with us, Tasty!
Made and reviewed for Veggie Swap #27 and the HArvest Moon Apple Festival October 2010.

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I made this recipe for my granddaughters, cutting the half cored apple into slices that I kept together. This way it was easier for the girls to eat on their own. I used raisins instead of dried cherries b/c Emma and Chloe like them. The ladybugs looked tres cute and were a hit as an afternoon snack! Thanks, Tasty Dish!!!

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Tasty nephew Shawn Patrick just LOVED his little ladybug snacks. What a GREAT way to get fruit into a toddler or child. Thank you so much for posting this recipe!!! I look forward to using it when Waylon gets old enough.