Hooter's Hot Wing Sauce

Total Time
5 mins
0 mins

This is supposed to be a copycat of the sauce served on Hooter's Hotwings. I've never been in a Hooter's (and won't ever be)so I don't know how authentic the taste is, but these are quite tasty on hot wings, deep fried plain or breaded either one works nicely with this sauce.

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  1. Simply mix all the ingredients together very well.
  2. Dunk, dip or soak your cooked wings in this sauce.
  3. For a change of pace, I will occasionally re-fry the wings after they've been sitting in the sauce, and then dunk them again once they've spent just a few seconds in the deep fryer, crisping up.
  4. Serve with ranch or bleu cheese dressing, or whatever you prefer.