Total Time
Prep 12 hrs
Cook 6 hrs

This is a delicious marinade for beef jerky. The lemon juice tenderizes the meat but doesn't necessarily make it taste "lemony". Also, instead of the usual flank steak, I used the 1/4-inch sirloin slices usually packaged as "fajita beef" or "stir-fry beef". It's lean and saves on slicing time. In my oven it finished drying in about 6-1/2 hours at 180 degrees, but check after around 5 hours just to be safe.

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  1. Combine garlic, honey, lemon juice, soy sauce, salt and pepper, and marinate steak strips in this overnight in a plastic zipper bag.
  2. The next day, cover oven rack beneath with foil for easy clean-up.
  3. Preheat oven to 180 degrees F.
  4. Place slices on a baking rack, prop oven door slightly with an oven mitt to allow humidity to escape, and dry meat on racks.
  5. In my oven, the process took about 6-1/2 hours.
  6. Check meat after 5 hours; it could take as long as 7 hours.
  7. Blot any grease spots that may come up.


Most Helpful

GREAT beef jerky! Just the flavor I was looking for! YUM!

jennifer.loera October 22, 2009

This is some great jerky! I made using my dehydrator and dehydrated it for 24 hours. The jerky is great! I used sirloin steak and partially froze it, then cut the meat the thickness we like. You can cut it thinner and much easier using that method. We will be making it again soon! We love it for snacks anytime. Thanks Angie!

ChefMightyRich October 24, 2008

All the boys loved it! Thank you, it was just right, not too salty or spicy. We used a pretty cheap cut of steak and it tasted great!

Liza Boo October 02, 2008

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