The Best Teriyaki Beef Jerky

Recipe by Michael_Simes
READY IN: 6hrs 20mins
YIELD: 3 lbs




  • Flash freeze beef for 20 minutes on cookie sheet during ingredient mixture.
  • Mix ingredients in extra large bowl with whisk until completely blended.
  • If beef is more than one inch thick, slice across to create equal thickness.
  • Cut beef between 1/8 - 1/ 4 inch thick slices, in addition to trimming as much fat off the meat as possible.
  • Incorporate beef into ingredients to cover.
  • Marinate beef overnight.
  • Pat dry beef slices and skewer beef onto bamboo, ensuring small space between slices for thorough dryness and leaving one inch on each end.
  • Hang beef skewers across oven rack so beef hangs freely.
  • Cover entire oven rack with skewers of meat.
  • Place aluminum foil on oven rack #2 at very bottom of oven to help catch drippings.
  • Set oven to lowest temperature (170 degrees in my case) and leave door ajar on hinge, letting beef sit for approximately 5-6 hours or until dry.
  • Check beef a few times throughout to ensure it is not actually baking, but simply drying out.
  • Once finished,
  • Let beef skewers rest for 10 minutes after drying, and then remove skewers from oven rack and let sit on tray until cool.
  • Remove beef strips from skewers and store them in an airtight container.


“I am a beef jerky lover. I noticed that Recipezaar does not have too many choices and when I look for ones using Google, it is overwhelming to find one out of millions.....So I decided to create my own and let me tell you...this is the best jerky I have ever had and am glad I can share it with all of you. Plus, this was made in a conventional oven! Please let me know your thoughts by commenting after you make it. Thank you.”