Hamburger Beef Jerky

"THE BEST beef jerky recipe. I have made a ton of recipes out of all kinds of things. Roasts, steaks, etc. But the only stuff I get asked for is this stuff. It is so cheap and so versatile."
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Ready In:
6hrs 30mins
5 lbs




  • Mix all spices with ground beef EXCEPT Worcestershire, liquid smoke and ketchup.
  • You need to really get your hands in to mix it well.
  • Press into strips with a jerky gun.
  • Mix Worcestershire, liquid smoke and ketchup in a shallow dish.
  • Coat strips with sauce.
  • Place on trays to dry.
  • Dry according to your dehydrator manufacturers instructions.
  • Other flavors as follows:

  • Hot and spicy - mix Louisiana hot sauce with water to thin a bit. Coat strips and dry.
  • BBQ - thin your favorite bottled bbq sauce with water. Coat strips and dry.
  • Teriyaki - thin bottled teriyaki sauce with soya sauce. Coat strips and dry.

Questions & Replies

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  1. Jeanne C.
    Is the mixture of Worcestershire/liquid smoke/ketchup used for every flavor? Confusing with addition of other flavors...
  2. denzweiler
    Can this Jerky be made in an oven
  3. Jeremy M.
    Does this need to go in refrigerator for any specified time to cure before dehydrating?
  4. Rich C.
    Do you marinate the mixture before you cut into strips?
  5. Sherry M.
    How long can you keep a batch?


  1. Jen in OKC
    Wonderful and cheap to make! Like other reviewers, I have had the best results by mixing all ingredients into the meat rather than coating the strips.
  2. Jan Marie
    I have made this recipe 4 times now and we LOVE it. I cut the recipe in half to fill 4 trays. I've tried the teryaki topping but we like the ketchup,liquid smoke and worcesteshire sauce the best. I made the mistake of mixing the sauce into the meat and it turned out better, in my opinion, than when I brushed it on. I've made it twice that way and prefer it over brushing on the sauce. I gave some to my neighbor last night and she shared with company. They wanted the recipe and were stopping on their way out of town to buy a jerky gun to make it when they get home. Thanks for sharing.
  3. pclayton2
    OH MY GOSH! Never was a jerky fan but WOW! This one is a winner. Just got the new dehydrator and had to try it. I used 90/10 from BJ's wholesale club and this is the first jerky I'm actually able to eat since it's not so tough. Found that since I didn't have to focus so hard on tearing and chewing that I was able to enjoy the flavor. Looking forward to having convenient high protein snacks readily available. The second batch I made I added some cheddar cheese, jalapeno and cumino. Great stuff! Thanks.
  4. Lyssie71
    Used all ingredients as stated, just halved recipe. The taste is FANTASTIC!!! I used hickory flaved smoke - our favorite. I did take two suggestions from other reviews though: 1) mixed the wet ingredients in with the meat as well. Significantly increased my drying time, but it made more sense to do it this way so that the taste was evenly distributed. 2) Rolled out the meat between two sheets of waxed paper. Worked great!!! Just need to roll it out in batches AND make sure the meat is all one thickness for even drying. The best texture was the 1/4" thickness. Thank you for this great tasting and convenient recipe!!
  5. beckygardens
    This is the first recipe we made when we got our new dehydrator and jerky gun. We love it. I did halve the recipe in case it didn't turn out, but next time I'll make the entire recipe. It was delicious. thank you!


  1. ColoradoCooking
    This also works great for making jerky sticks. I made many batches to share for Christmas.
    • Review photo by ColoradoCooking
  2. Sage4488
    Excellent! I scaled it back for 1.5 pounds of venison burger. Next time I will make a bigger batch!! I left out the Accent, replaced half of the Worcestershire sauce with Teriyaki sauce, and only used 1 teaspoon liquid smoke. Like others suggested, I also mixed all ingredients at the start. Sprayed my trays lightly with oil. Much faster and easier clean up than with marinading meat slices. Thank You!!



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