Home-Style Beef-N-Noodles W/Mushrooms & Onions

Total Time
2hrs 15mins
Prep 15 mins
Cook 2 hrs

Wish you could smell my kitchen right now, I'm dyin'! Made a huge pot of this for catering tomorrow. It's taking everything I've got not to just dive into the pot! This serves at least 10-12, but you can easily cut it in half, or freeze the leftovers for a rainy (or snowy!) day! I'm serving them this with my green beans w/bacon, onions and balsamic vinegar, homemade bread knots, and cherry pie a la mode! (I'll post my green bean recipe for you, too).

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  1. Try to find two 4 lb. chuck roasts, and cut the excess slab of fat off the top. Cut into LARGE bite-sized pieces because beef shrinks when it cooks. You want to end up with nice big chunks! :).
  2. In large metal roaster that you can use on the stove, lightly brown meat on all sides over medium-high heat in a little oil. You may have to do this in frying pan(s).
  3. *Pepper beef lightly to liberally with coarse ground pepper as you add it to the roaster or frying pan. (Should take about 10 minutes.).
  4. When beef is lightly browned on the outside, add broth, onion, soup mix, A-1, garlic, butter and a nice amount of salt. Add salt a 1/2 teaspoons at a time so you don't over do it.
  5. Bring to a boil, cover with lid, turn down heat and simmer for 1 1/2 hours.
  6. Stir occasionally.
  7. Add mushrooms, recover, and simmer 15-20 minutes longer.
  8. Remove lid.
  9. Mix cornstarch and cold water, add, stirring. Simmer, stirring only occasionally, for another 5 minutes til thickened a bit.
  10. Fold in cooked, drained noodles.
  11. Serve with warm crusty bread and butter, and a side vegetable such as green beans, or salad.
  12. *You can add another 1/2 to 1 bag more cooked noodles if you want to stretch this out. I make it hearty, full of lots of meat, though; when it's being considered as a "main dish".
  13. If you stretch it out though, you may need to add a cup or so of beef bouillon. Just see what you end up with, add as needed.
  14. ***! This last time I made this, I added 1 tbsp horseradish and 1 tbsp spicy brown mustard to the pot while the beef was simmering. It was EVEN BETTER! *Don't worry, it doesn't taste like you added it, it just added more flavor and totally mellowed out especially after the noodles were added and sat on LOW HEAT for about another hour or so.I took this to my sister's Christmas party and everyone loved it! People even asked for the recipe. :) (I should have thought of it before, because that's how I make my pot roast anyways! :) And NO ONE knows it's in there!) *I used (about)6 1/2 lbs. beef, 2 1/2 bags noodles and added an extra 3 tbsp butter because I thought I had added a bit too much salt. It was really good! Hope ya try it! :).
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This is an awesome recipe! I've made this a few times now w/the mustard and horseradish and adjusted to less meat (so, less broth, onion soup mix, salt...still used the same amount of A1, onion and garlic) Do be careful with the salt...I used the beef broth paste one time and it was over the top salty (and I love my salt). My picky brother even liked it and and told our mom to get the recipe so she could make it for him! Oh, and I've made it with cooked dry pasta and it came out just as yummy, as well as white rice, brown rice, etc. Trying with quinoa tonight.

mamaindakitchen June 21, 2011

This was VERY, VERY good. I was afraid my picky husband wasn't going to like it, but to my amazement, he went back for seconds! I can't begin to tell you how rare that is! I made it as directed, adding in the mustard and horseradish. The only thing I did differently, was towards the very end of cooking, I tasted the gravy, and it did seem a bit too salty, so I stirred in about a tablespoon of tomato paste, and it mellowed it right out. GREAT comfort food recipe!

blueguitargirl1985 August 08, 2010

I took a couple of liberties in the preparation steps. I cut the recipe back to two servings- I bought strip loin steaks (on sale) for another recipe and they were too large so I cut a strip off two and used that for the meat in this recipe. It was a tender cut so did not require cooking as long even though the simmering does enfuse flavor. I browned the onions first, added the mushrooms sauteed for 5 minutes then added Soup mix (1 tbsp), A! sauce (1 tbsp), 1 large garlic clove smashed, 1/4 cup beef broth. Simmered 2 minutes and set aside. Then I browned the steak pieces - fried for apprx 4 minutes added the Onion/Mushroom mixture back to the pan to reheat apprx 2 minutes.Added the noodles & served The aroma was heaven and so was the meal. Thanks Wildflour for a delicious comfort food dinner

Bergy January 12, 2008