Total Time
14hrs 6mins
Prep 6 mins
Cook 14 hrs

A staple snack in the south, it is difficult to drive down the highway in the Summer without running into a roadside stand selling "BOLLD P-NUTS" and the keg boiling beside the truck. Do it at home and get the same great taste!


  1. Pour green peanuts into very large stockpot.
  2. Fill with water, until pot is about 2/3 full leaving enough room for the pot to boil without overflowing.
  3. Pour in salt and stir into water.
  4. Turn on high heat and bring water to a boil.
  5. Turn heat on low or med-low and keep it at a low boil or simmer.
  6. Cook 10-12 hours slowly, stirring occasionally and taste water to see if salt is needed.
  7. Turn off heat and allow to soak for an hour or two. Soaking allows the peanuts to really get the brine taste.
  8. Reheat when you are ready to eat.
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Been looking for a recipe for boiled peanuts since I lived in Savannah in the 70's! Thanks!

jrlenefsky August 27, 2007

Absolutely fantastic <br/>Thanks Mag....

Bud4u #2 March 30, 2014