Green Beans and Carrots Sauteed in Butter and Garlic

Total Time
Prep 10 mins
Cook 8 mins

This is a simple way to prepare your veggies, but it looks really pretty and tastes delicious. The good thing about this technique is you can steam them ahead of time, and then sauté them at the last minute so you have a hot side dish ready with the rest of your meal.

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  1. Trim green beans and cut carrot into sticks that are similar in size to the green beans.
  2. Put the carrots in a microwave safe dish and pour about 1/2 a cup of boiling water over them. Loosely cover dish (so a bit of steam can escape). I use a microwave steamer.
  3. Microwave on high about 3 minutes, until carrots are starting to soften but not yet done.
  4. Add beans to carrots in dish or steamer. Microwave for another 2 - 3 minutes. Veggies should be crisp tender, or just slightly less than your desired doneness.
  5. Drain veggies and set aside. When you are almost ready to serve, heat up some butter in a sauté pan or wok until foamy.
  6. Throw in garlic and veggies and stir for just a minute or two, until garlic is fragrant and veggies are coated in butter and garlic.
  7. Season with salt and pepper, if desired.


Most Helpful

Delicious! Served this with meatloaf and oven roasted potatoes but could be served with anything. My picky 2 year-old even tried a carrot! My bf doesn't usually care for cooked carrots but these weren't all mushy like he thinks cooked carrots usually are. He enjoyed this a lot and so did I. Will definitely be making this again. Might also be good with other veggies. Yum!

RFJ November 14, 2012

Very nice side dish! I used 3/4 green beans and 1/4 matchstick carrots. My cooking method was to parboil the vegetables in a heavy stockpot, drain, then saute them in the same stockpot in a combination of half butter and half olive oil. I will make this recipe again. Thanks!

Deb's Recipes February 25, 2010

This side dish is so pretty. I blanched the veggies, and then quickly reheated them in a saute pan with butter and garlic. I have some leftovers that I can't wait to get my fork on ;) Thanks.

Katanashrp November 27, 2009

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