Frosted Green Grapes for Garnish

Total Time
Prep 15 mins
Cook 20 mins

These frosted grapes look beautiful hanging on the side of a glass filled with fruit salad or a chilled glass of Champagne. You may use castor surgar instead of the gelatin or granulated. An interesting point has been raised about the safety of eating these grapes when raw egg white is used and then they sit out. I leave it up to you - If you make them, dry them & use them fairly quickly I would not worry. If you do not like using any form of raw egg and eating it leave them as decoration only.

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  1. Brush the grapes with the egg white.
  2. Sprinkle with the gelatin or sugar.
  3. Dry throughly on a rack.
Most Helpful

I recall my mom making this exact recipe (using raw egg whites). Back 45 years ago, we didn't think a thing of eating the grapes. I vividly remember they looked beautiful/glittery and tasted delicious;however, now, I wouldn't eat grapes covered in raw egg white. ?? go figure .....

1017691 May 31, 2009

I usually use both red and green seedless grapes cut into small clusters and arrange on serving platters. They add so much to the visual appeal, a terrific holiday garnish. Thank you Bergy for a terrific tip!

Susie D November 23, 2006

I used pastuerized egg white that you buy in a cardboard container. I didn't get the grapes covered evenly... probably operator error. But they taste good!

SashasMommy December 11, 2004