Flax and Ricotta Breakfast Pudding

Total Time
Prep 1 min
Cook 3 mins

Low-carb comfort food. Consistency is somewhere between cream-of-wheat and savory pudding.


  1. Mix first three ingredients together in a saucepan.
  2. Cook stirring over medium heat until thick.
  3. Add Flax and splenda.
  4. Sprinkle with cinnamon.
Most Helpful

Comfort food breakfast! This was wonderful this morning with the snow coming down like gangbusters (to quote hubby). I stirred the egg mixture with a whisk until it just started to boil and really thicken up, then added agave and a ton of cinnamon with the flax. I didn't measure the flax, just threw in a good sized handful. I like chocolate flavor hot cereal, so after tasting, I added a packet of no sugar added cocoa mix (10 carbs). Plain soy milk worked well in this for the cream as well. A little less texture than the malt-o-meal the kids (and I) love, but a very good substitute to cut back on carbs. Very filling as well. Thanks for sharing. Going to add a maple extract next time to try to replicate the other flavors of hot cereal. Update: Maple and brown sugar works! Added Splenda, a dollop of molasses, and about a quarter to half a teaspoon of maple extract before stirring in the flax, and it's perfect! I can have my favorite malt o meal flavor without the guilt. Thanks again! Also, almond milk works just as well as soy...

Queen Roachie May 22, 2013

Delicious change of pace for a low-carb breakfast! My daughter and I thought it tasted great without the Splenda - it just needed a dash of salt. I added a handful of fresh blackberries. I think this recipe would also work with salt instead of cinnamon as a grits substitute, maybe use more flax and less cream. I substituted unsweetened almond milk for the cream to reduce the calories.

caverjen June 22, 2013

This was a nice change of pace for being on Atkins for awhile. I do love my breakfast cereals. I thought it could even use a little more flaxseed meal. It would do nicely with some sugar-free maple syrup too, instead of the cinnamon. I found I had to watch it pretty closely to guard against sticking, overcooking or turning into a cooked-egg mass, but it only took a few minutes and it was done.

windhorse23 May 02, 2012