31 5-Ingredient Breakfasts to Wake Up With

Making breakfast should never be harder than waking up, which is why we rounded up these ultimate easy morning recipes. Start scrolling and find your favorite new way to jump start your day!

Gordon Ramsay's Scrambled Eggs

"I've never made eggs like this, but this is not my go to recipe! I usually scramble them in a bowl and then add to the pan, but that's just dirtying more dishes. This is the way to go!"

-Jonathan Melendez

Breakfast Banana Split

"What's not to like about this dish? It is healthy enough to be an indulgent breakfast but sweet enough to pass as dessert!"


Welsh Eggs

"Excellent cheesy flavor and substantial without being too much — I'll be having this one again."


Microwave Eggs in a Mug

"I use this recipe so I don't have to wake up my mom or dad when I want eggs. I love this with a little mozzarella cheese sprinkled on top. Thanks for the recipe."

-Kid Chef Kaelin

Eggs in Clouds

Just when you thought eggs couldn't possibly be life-changing.

Chai Tea Oatmeal

"The chai provided a nice flavor and using honey for the sweetener was a good match. I enjoyed this breakfast."


Breakfast Pizza

If an omelette and a pizza had a baby.

Tropical Oatmeal

"Excellent combination of flavors, I really enjoyed it! I added a bit of sugar and it turned out to be the perfect touch of sweetness."

-White Rose Child

Asparagus & Egg Whites

"Very good and healthy! Even my boyfriend, who absolutely hates asparagus, liked it!"


Yogurt Breakfast Pops

"Great when you're on the run and want something tasty in your tummy for breakfast!"

-Its Me Busy Bee

Hot Brown Rice Cereal

"Toasting the rice gives it a very light nutty flavor. Thanks for the recipe!"


Pina Colada Breakfast Parfait

"So good and so simple. Added a bit of granola for texture. Perfect for breakfast or even a light dessert!"


Peanut Butter & Jelly Wraps

"I love what the cream cheese adds to the texture and flavor of this wrap."

-Karen R.

Tropical Fruit Breakfast for One

"The flavors of mango, banana & passion fruit make for a great combo!"

-Sydney Mike

Oatmeal with Cardamom & Raisins

"I love cardamom, but had never thought of putting it in my oatmeal. This is delicious! The amount of cardamom is just right."

-Outta Here

Flax & Ricotta Breakfast Pudding

"Talk about comfort food breakfast! Perfect for cold winter mornings when the snow is coming down like gangbusters."

-Queen Roachie

Breakfast Crunchy

"Love this for its versatility and its quick assembly."


Healthy Breakfast Bowl

"Yum! Two servings of this took me less then five minutes to make. Needless to say, I will be making this again!"

-Chef floWer

All-Star Breakfast Rice

"A lovely way to use up some leftover rice. I added some maple extract to mine and served with blueberries in syrup, yum!"


Breakfast in a Hurry

"I downsized this recipe to just one serving for myself and baked it in a round, flat ramekin. It was simple enough to repeat even on hectic mornings."

-Ms B.

Cheesecake for Breakfast

"Silky smooth, thick and rich. So easy for a guilt-free treat! A nice way to start your day. Fresh blueberries would be fabulous on this. So many possibilities!"


Banana Breakfast Ice Cream

"Perfect, healthy banana ice cream for breakfast or anytime during the summer."


Broiled Grapefruit

"This recipe is by far the best way to eat grapefruit. I added a little pinch of cinnamon to each half. Yum! I strongly suggest cutting sections prior to broiling."


Zesty Candied Bacon

"Delicious, I couldn't stop eating it — the only bad thing about it! I used Dijon mustard instead of yellow, I like how the Dijon keeps the bacon from tasting too sweet."

-Kookie Kathy

Creamy Peaches

"This is fast, easy and inexpensive."


Sweet Banana Dollars

"Great tasting, healthy snack (or breakfast!) for adults and kids!"


A Faster Egg Muffin

"I make these all the time for the guys in my office. They love them. Last week I spread a little jalapeno jelly on the toasted muffin. Now they want them made that way all the time!"


Hidden Eggs

"Really tasty — an easy way to serve breakfast and not have to make toast!"


Apple Pie in a Bowl

"Loved how simple it was to toss this together! I enjoyed the spiced sweetened apple by itself, but I'll definitely be trying this again with some oatmeal."

-Muffin Goddess

Wonton Fruit Cups

"This is a great recipe because I can make them ahead of time!"

-Chef sassafras

Orange Oatmeal

"I've made oatmeal with apple juice many times but this was the first time with orange juice and it's a lovely day starter."