Flavored Whipped Cream

Total Time
Prep 5 mins
Cook 0 mins

Why settle for just plain whipped cream on your dessert? Personalize it to complement the dish...the possibilities are nearly endless. How about orange or peppermint whipped cream on a chocolate dessert, cinnamon whipped cream on apple pie...let your imagination go!

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  1. Beat whipping cream, sugar, and flavoring in chilled bowl until stiff peaks form.
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This is delicious! I used the peppermint extract and made it. I served this over fresh sliced oranges and we loved it for dessert! Thanks for sharing!!

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I made this to go with chocolate cream pie. Awesome! I used the almond extract. It tasted fantastic, no more store bought for me. Thanks for posting!

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I used six drops of stevia instead of sugar and i used nutmeg and cinnamon to put on top of a pumpkin cheesecake. it was wonderful :)