Favorite Brownies

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Total Time
10 mins
25 mins

A tried and true brownie mix. An all time favorite! Add 1 cup nuts if you like.

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  1. In large mixer bowl, beat oil,eggs,and sugar.
  2. Mix until creamy.
  3. Add dry ingredients.
  4. Mix until well blended; add vanilla.
  5. Spray 13x9 pan with cooking spray.
  6. Pour mix into pan.
  7. Bake at 350* for 25 minutes, or until pick comes out clean.
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Easy recipe and brownies taste even better the second day. Thanks.

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If you really like brownies and an easy recipe, this is the one. My husband and our ranch foreman and just about everyone else that visits, love these brownies.

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Yummy. I was looking for a brownie recipe for dessert and found a great one in these. I divided the batter in two and in one of them I added a teaspoon of instant coffee and spread it in the pan for a mocha brownie. The second half I cut in half again and spread it in the pan, then sprinkled with chopped andes mints and then spread on the other half and baked according to your directions. Both pans turned out wonderfully and had great flavor. I thank you for sharing this recipe.