Crock Pot Potato Lasagna

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Total Time
8hrs 45mins
45 mins
8 hrs

Just threw together some ingredients and its a favorite now. Really good flavor and more like baked ziti.

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  1. Put peeled potatoes layered on the bottom of greased crock pot.
  2. I use an oil spray; layer with sauce, cheese, pepperoni slices and spices.
  3. Continue to repeat the process until all potatoes are used.
  4. Cook on low up to 8 hours.
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AWESOME!! We enjoyed this dish very much! I used the crushed tomatoes, and left out the fennel seeds,(I'm sure they would make the recipe all the better to those who like them, but it was perfect for us even without them.) We loved this recipe! It is so simple to put together, but tastes so great!DH wants to have this again soon!