Coffee Lovers Muffins

Total Time
Prep 8 mins
Cook 15 mins

This is the basic recipe. Feel free to add a 1/2 cup of chocolate chips, chopped nuts, chopped dried cherries or anything else you feel would go well with coffee. As of March 5 '07 I have reworked the ingredient amounts

Ingredients Nutrition


  1. Preheat oven 400F, and butter muffin pan.
  2. Put the coffee, sugar, eggs and yogurt into a bowl and mix well.
  3. Add the flour and baking powder until just combined.
  4. Spoon into tins and bake for 15-20 minutes.


Most Helpful

delicious flavor, but I await a possible conversion update on the recipe because the conversion I figured (using Joy of Cooking - came to 1 7/8 cups sugar and 1 1/2 cups flour) made a too liquidy batter - so I added another half a cup of flour (which I had to whisk in quickly because it was very lumpy). The texture was a little off but the flavor was very nice.

MA HIKER March 04, 2007

I'm not giving out any stars because the recipe didn't turn out at all...but I'm not sure that I used the correct ingredient amounts. I had someone from Zaar suggest that I use 1 cup of sugar and 1 cup of flour based on the weights given. My calculations based on the package weight of my sugar & flour were 2 cups sugar and 1 cup flour. Neither of these seemed right, so I guessed and used 1/2 cup sugar and 1 1/4 cup flour. The batter was pancake consistancy, but I thought I would still give it a try. I filled the muffins almost full, since I like large muffins, and that gave me 12. I baked them for 20 minutes, and they bounced back when I lightly touched the tops, which is how I usually tell that muffins are done. But, as soon as I took them out of the oven I could immediately see them fall, and by the time they were cool the tops were totally sunken rather than rounded. I tried one and it was very undercooked. I'm not sure if the porportions were wrong or the cooking time or both, so I don't even know what to do to try again. I'd be happy to make them again if the ingredients can be translated into US cups.

karen March 04, 2007

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