Total Time
Prep 5 mins
Cook 10 mins

I found these so tasty that I didn't even bother putting syrup on them... Just ate them with my fingers straight off the griddle! I used Pamela's Ultimate Baking and Pancake Mix, so the measurements are for that particular product. You may need to adjust the measurements slightly if you use a wheat-based pancake mix or a different brand of gluten-free pancake mix. Just remember that you're basically following the instructions on the package, but adding shredded coconut and replacing the milk or water with coconut milk. You are also eliminating any additional oils the recipe on the box/bag might call for, since the coconut milk provides enough fat. I think you'll agree these are mmm mmm good!

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  1. Mix all ingredients together until batter has a smooth consistency with no lumps.
  2. Batter should not be too thin or too thick.
  3. Pour 1/4 cup batter at a time onto a pre-heated (medium heat), lightly oiled griddle or pan.
  4. Cook until golden brown, flipping once.
  5. Serve immediately.
  6. Extra pancakes can be frozen or refrigerated, and reheated on a griddle, in the oven, or in a toaster oven.


Most Helpful

Delicious! I used recipe #48635. I want to try them with dark chocolate chips or pineapple syrup. I can't wait to make these again! Thanks! Note: I stacked the leftover pancakes between parchment paper and stuck them in the freezer. I pulled one out, microwaved it for about a minute, and it was even more delicious than it was originally! The coconut flavor really came through. I spread it with plum jam and ate it on the way to catch my bus.

SweetySJD February 03, 2007

I had 1/2+ cup of light coconut milk to use up that was leftover from cooking, but I wanted to make more than that, so I topped off the cup with skim milk. The result was a great pancake, but it really didn't have any coconut flavor. It would be a good way to use up the coconut milk without your family knowing...if they are picky eaters. If you want the flavor, I would suggest using all coconut milk instead of a mix. I used it with an old Passover Blueberry Pancake Mix that needed to get used up. I thought the coconut & blueberries would be great together. I also left out the shredded coconut due to personal preferance.

karen January 31, 2007

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