Chickpea & Peanut Stew

Total Time
30 mins
20 mins

Nice vegan stew made creamy by the peanut butter. I love to make this extra spicy to contrast the sweet of the peanut butter. For even more zing (and to add the health benefits) I like to add a few more minced cloves of garlic a minute or two before it's done. Changed a bit but originally from Kate's(Vegan)Cookery Site.

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  1. cook onion till almost soft in broth or a little oil.
  2. add garlic and other veggies and cook for a couple minutes.
  3. Add all remaining ingredients- Use only as much broth as needed to make it a stew-like consistency.
  4. Bring to a boil and then let simmer about 10 minutes or depending on how crip or tender you like your veggies.
  5. Great with added cayenne for extra spice.