Chewy Apple Oatmeal Cookies

Total Time
20 mins
30 mins

I had "inherited" bags and bags of apples and was trying to use them up and found this recipe in the August/September 2006 Taste of Home magazine that was chock full of other apple recipes. In the second batch, I added walnuts which were also a very nice addition. Even though the recipe calls for dried apples, don't let that make you hesitate in making these. I used chopped apples - 1 cup - and they were delicious! Also, be sure to flatten these a bit on the cookie sheet, they do not spread out while baking.

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  1. In a large mixing bowl, cream butter and sugars.
  2. Beat in eggs and vanilla.
  3. Combine the flour, cinnamon and baking soda.
  4. Gradually add to creamed mixture and mix well.
  5. Fold in oat and apples.
  6. Drop by rounded tablespoons 2 inches apart onto ungreased baking sheets. Bake at 350°F for 10-12 minutes. Let stand for 1 minute before removing to wire racks.
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Delicious! A few pointers for my fellow bakers. Baking is very percise unlike cooking where you can improvise. Anytime you change the forumula in baking, the results will vary. For example, using fresh apples vs. dried. You obviously have more moisture in the recipe now which will change your end result. Also, instead of just placing on the baking sheet (which is a perfectly fine way to bake) try using parchment paper (not wax paper). Cookies will come off much easier and you will have less mess to clean in the end.

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I am not a fan of cinnamon or oatmeal but these cookies were so good! I used fresh apples instead of dried. I also ran out of white sugar so I used brown sugar to substitute and they still tasted great. Will make again!

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The cookies are a little softer than I expected and remind me of eating a bowl of apple oatmeal. The smell awesome and taste very good. If there was a way to crisp them up, it would be great. I also think I will add some butterscotch chips next time for a carmel apple feel.