Carrot and Walnut Puddings

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READY IN: 1hr 25mins
Recipe by Ppaperdoll

I love steamed puddings, and little individual ones are so fun. These are like little steamed carrot cakes, an they fit well into my Pampered Chef glass cups. I really like that with this recipe the puddings steam in the oven rather than on the stove top. You could add raisins or sultanas if you wanted to. From Delicious magazine.

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  1. Preheat oven to 180 degrees C, gas mark 4. Grease 6 150ml individual pudding basins or ramekins. In a large bowl, mix flour, baking powder, oil, carrot, sugar, eggs, 1tsp vanilla extract and golden syrup. with an electric mixer 2-3 minutes until combined. Stir in walnuts and divide pudding mixture between basins. Cover each basin with a greased circle of baking paper. Fold a single pleat into 6 larger discs of baking paper (to allow for expansion). Place these discs on top of each pudding basin and tie with string.
  2. Place basins in a roasting tin and fill tin with enough boiling water to come halfway up the sides of the basins. Bake in oven 1 hour. Remove puddings from tin and set aside to cool about 5 minutes.
  3. While puddings are cooling, put mascarpone to a small bowl. Sift in icing sugar and add lemon zest and vanilla extract. Stir combine. Chill in fridge until ready to use.
  4. To serve, turn puddings onto plates and top with a dollop of the mascarpone mixture, drizzled with golden syrup and sprinkled with walnuts.

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