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Prep 15 mins
Cook 0 mins

I made this healthy recipe from the Taste of Home Feb/March 2011 issue today for lunch and really enjoyed it. I used Sabra roasted pine nut hummus. I usually also dice up kalamata olives and include them in the wrap. This recipe also works fine using Gardein brand faux chickn tenders.

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  1. Spread hummus on tortillas; top with chicken, peppers, cheese, basil, and kalamata (if using). Roll up.
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This is a great wrap and I'll definitely have it again. I used a 100 calorie tortilla so my calorie count is lower than posted. It is jumping right into my 2013 Best of Cookbook...give it a try!

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Loved it - perfect combo of ingredients, plus filling and healthy. I think it should be called the Mediterranean Wrap instead of California Wrap, but can't think of anything else I'd change!

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One of those dishes where the sum of its parts is greater! I used olive hummus and a raw red pepper, and it was nice to have that crunch. I also used a light feta block that DH cut up, and it was a star in this, though all the flavors blend really well together to make for a very tasty dish. Aside from the chicken, I actually increased all the other ingredients by 2-4 times, since the size of the tortilla defnitely accomodated it. I loved the kalamata olives in this, so I wouldn't leave those out, even though they are listed as optional. We also made one just vegetarian, and I thought it was pretty much as good as without the chicken!