Total Time
Prep 8 mins
Cook 30 mins

A FABULOUS recipe for fruit cobbler! The best part about it is that you can choose the fruit; and if you don't have canned fruit on hand you can use 5 to 6 cups chopped, fresh fruit. The golden topping is delicious! We like to eat ours served hot with milk, but ice cream would probably be great, too. A dear friend shared this recipe several years ago, and we've been using it ever since. Just like the title suggests, it's also a great time-saver on a busy day!

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  1. Place fruit in a lightly greased 9" by 13" pan.
  2. Combine egg, salt, baking powder, sugar, flour and cinnamon; spread evenly over fruit.
  3. Bake in a 400 oven for 30 minutes or until golden brown.
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I must have epically screwed this recipe up somehow!! I followed the directions to a t, and it came out HORRIBLE!!!!!! I am a beginner in cooking and baking, even had my husband helping, and it was just bad. The topping was too thick to spread, so I did my best. I'm from the Midwest, I know what cobbler is supposed to taste like, this was really, really bad. 5 stars for your picture, no stars for what I made!!

Awaugh0531 August 04, 2014

I diced 2 fresh apples, laid them in my lightly greased 9x13 Pyrex pan. Then I sprinkled brown sugar, raisins, and sliced almonds on the apples. Then I layered on 1 quart of home canned pears, sliced thin. Next I made up the topping, it was really Really thick, so I thinned it with a bit of pear syrup and spread it over the fruit, then sprinkled rolled oats on top. I baked as recipe indicates. Well, the topping was a dark brown. However, it has been gobbled down by my hubby and 5 children.

MrsGPJ May 26, 2014

As suggested I used fresh fruit: about 3 pounds of peeled ad sliced apples!
The recipe was delicious and the topping came out crispy and tasty.
I confess that this dish today replaced our lunch for us 4.
It was easy , fast, delicious and healthy.
I can really recommend this cobbler!

awalde November 27, 2011