Bread Machine Potato Bread

Total Time
Prep 10 mins
Cook 0 mins


Ingredients Nutrition


  1. Can make rolls and bread.
  2. Dough cycle and normal cycle.
  3. Follow manufacturers directions.
  4. Makes a 1 1/2 lb.
  5. loaf.
Most Helpful

This is one of the best bread machine recipes ever! When I bake bread in the bread machine, the crust is usually very hard and tough. Not this time; this turned out great!!! The crust was crisp (but not hard) and the bread had a wonderful texture! (Perfect for sandwiches or toast)! More often than not, I usually prepare the dough in the bread machine, and bake in the oven. This is one recipe that can be baked in the bread machine very successfully. This is a keeper!

truebrit January 28, 2005

I made this recipe on 3/19/11,and I'm so sorry the review is late.There were a few changes made to the recipe and they are as follows,first I warmed the water and milk up to between 70 and 80 degrees.Then the rest of ingredients were added as follows,oil,potato flakes and sugar.Then added the flour, and a couple of " wells " were made and salt was added to one and yeast in the other.Instead of baking in the machine just the dough cycle was used.Then the dough was formed into a loaf, and placed into a greased loaf pan. I covered with a towel and let it rise till it was almost doubled( that took a little over an hour). Then the bread was for about 35 minutes at 350 degrees.I really enjoyed the way it tasted,and this made very good cinnamon toast. Thank you for posting and, " Keep Smiling :) "

Chef shapeweaver � March 21, 2011

A nice, dense sandwich loaf. I could hardly wait for it to finish baking so I could eat! I baked in the basic cycle of the abm but next time I will bake it in the oven in a loaf pan. Thanks Hobbyzu! SA;) T

Secret Agent January 20, 2010