Potato Bread (Bread Machine)

"This is a light and delicious loaf of bread made with instant mashed potato flakes. It was my first truly successful attempt at using my new bread machine, and I plan on making it again and again! If I didn't screw it up it must be foolproof! I found this online somewhere, but I'm ashamed to say I forgot where. This makes one 1 1/2 pound loaf."
photo by Marie Nixon photo by Marie Nixon
photo by Marie Nixon
Ready In:
3hrs 10mins
1 loaf




  • Add all ingredients to bread machine in order listed, or as recommended by your bread machine.
  • Select desired setting and press start.
  • I make this using the basic cycle and the lightest crust setting.

Questions & Replies

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  1. Deborah S.
    Can I use fast rise yeast instead of Active Dry yeast in this Potato Bread breadmaker recipe?
  2. mlundy73
    Is this a 1.5 loaf size or 2 lb. size?


  1. Randy D.
    I'm a big fan of potato bread, and looking for an alternative to the store bought mixes my wife has been making, I stumbled upon this recipe, and tried our rosewill bread machine for the first time (all by myself).<br/><br/>My wife warned me about putting the ingredients into the machine in the correct order, which happens to be exactly the order listed in this recipe. So I buttered up the little stirrer in the bottom of the pan (I was told its easier to get out of the bread that way), threw those ingredients in (minus the white pepper), and set our bread machine to basic, crust color to light, and voilà! About 3 hours later I had a soft loaf of bread that tasted great sliced, with butter and a little honey.<br/><br/>Even a few hours later, the bread was moist and chewy enough for me to slice off a piece and eat as-is -- which isn't always the case for those store-bought mixes. I was simply amazed how simple this was, and out of the bread machine, this was everything I hoped for in a potato bread. I plan on using this recipe weekly now.
  2. Chef Stiles
    This turned out excellent. I used just the dough cycle and let it rise and baked at 350 in reg pans . It makes 2 nice loaves. Thanks
  3. BrendaM
    What a wonderful loaf, Kree! I used canola oil, 2% milk and also omitted the white pepper (since I didn't have any)! This was definitely a winner. The loaf was very light and tasted absolutely wonderful! I'll definitely be making this on a regular basis. Thanks for posting!
  4. memehite66
    I used AP Flour and unsweetened vanilla almond milk (that's what I had on hand). It was delicious. I was worried about the "vanilla" almond milk but you couldn't even taste the vanilla!!
  5. Ad D.
    This recipe seems very sensitive to the qty of liquid added. I believe it’s probably due to the varieties of potato flakes out there and how much they absorb the liquid. I used Costco variety russet potato flakes and the mixture was so dry it would never form a ball as presented above. I had to add an additional half cup of milk in stages while mixing & kneading to achieve a proper elastic and cohesive dough ball. But this is like any recipe, you should always check the mixture during the kneading process for any bread and adjust by adding flour or liquid until the consistency is correct. This one just seemed to need significantly more adjustment in the addition of hydration then any bread this small I have yet tried. That said, with adjusting as necessary this came out Beautifully and tasty. Quite an easy and inexpensive potato bread. Calculated mine cost about $0.30 per loaf with Costco ingredients.


  1. Meringue
    used olive oil rather than canola (too much omega 6) and agave syrup in place of the sugar, and it's beautiful and delicious. I will try it as a whole wheat/white blend next time. Thanks for a new regular in my kitchen!
  2. Carb Lover
    Excellent bread, nice and fluffy with a not too firm crust. I also didn't add the pepper, and instead of sugar I used raw honey from one of the ladies who makes her own around these parts. It made the house smell so good it actually got my husband to leave the computer room and come into the kitchen :) Thanks for sharing


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