Best Ever Shrimp Dip!

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Total Time
10 mins
5 mins

This shrimp dip is always the hit of every party. The best flavor and its so easy to make. I make this for all my parties, people go crazy it for.

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  1. Mix onions, green peppers& mayo in bowl and set aside.
  2. Over medium heat in medium size pot mix until creamy and well blended cream cheese& tomatoe soup (No cream cheese lumps).
  3. Rinse both cans of shrimp well under water, set aside to allow water to drip off.
  4. In small bowl mix warm water and Gelaton until dissolved.
  5. Once tomatoe soup and cream cheese is well blended add all ingredients to the pot, mix well.
  6. Put shrimp dip into a nice serving bowl (the one you'll serve the dip in) that can be refrigerated.
  7. Refrigerate until the dip is completely chilled.
  8. When the dip is done it will be hard as jello.
  9. Serve with a HARD cracker, seasame crackers,trisciuts, etc.
  10. A cracker that wont break when you dip into it.