Total Time
Prep 1 min
Cook 1 min

I love bananas and I love smores, put the two together and this is what you get! This recipe only makes one smore and I garentee you will need more! Also use whatever chocolate you want like a chocolate bar or a leftover Easter bunny! Cooking time is different among people because it depends on oh well done you like your marshmallow(white, browned, or burned)


  1. Prepare your smore by putting the 4 banana slices on one graham cracker. Put chocolate on the other one.
  2. Roast your marshmallow to doneness.
  3. Now put the marshmallow on top of graham cracker with the chocolate. Take the one with the banana and flip it on top of the marshmallow. Hold down on the top and pull the roasting stick out, leaving the marshmallow inside.
  4. Now sit back and enjoy your Banana S'More. When done, make another one!


Most Helpful

Why have I never thought of this? My kids loved this after school and I felt a TINY bit better because I was serving them fruit with all that gooey chocolate.

Liza at April 03, 2014

Great fun! What an awesome idea! We followed the idea in from the Grilling Forum and roasted the marshmallows in the fireplace. Cool! Thanks Best Teen Chef! Your recipe provided some instant cold weather fun!

Mama's Kitchen (Hope) January 11, 2007

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