Avocado With Scrambled Eggs

Total Time
Prep 10 mins
Cook 0 mins

The combination of the cool creamy avocado dip with the warm and cheesy scrambled eggs is heaven! It might seem like a strange combo but you'll be so glad you tried it. I first had this at a restaurant 20+ years ago, loved it then and love it now. Great way to use up leftover avocado dip (real stuff, not the stuff sold at the grocery store, unless you like that) and your favorite cheese!


  1. Melt the cheese on top of your scrambled eggs, remove to your plate and top with the avocado dip.
  2. My dh likes to put hot sauce or picante sauce on top!
Most Helpful

Very simple to make and absolutely scrumptious. This recipe elevates the often rather homely scrambled eggs into the gourmet class! Three friends and I enjoyed this for a leisurely Sunday brunch. I made my scrambled eggs with some minced garlic, fresh basil and cream, and served them topped with Rita L’s Avocado Cucumber Dip! Guacamole. Avocado Cucumber Dip!. The scrambled eggs and dip tasted great together. No-one felt inclined to add the cheese, but I’ll try this with cheese next time I make this, perhaps by adding it in with the scrambled eggs. Thank you for sharing this great recipe, Susan!

bluemoon downunder January 08, 2006

This was an excellent blend of flavors. I scrambled my eggs with a bit of half and half to make them creamy. When they were done I sprinkled them with a mexican cheese mix and topped that with some creamy quacamole. Thank you so much for a simple, but delicious recipe 4Susan!

Junebug November 30, 2005

So simple, but so good. I had a salsa and avocado omelet once and loved it. This recipe is even easier. I scrambled my eggs with a bit of cream and topped with some finely grated sharp cheddar. I put the lid on the skillet to keep them warm (and melt the cheese) while I whipped up some simple guacamole. Mmmm. I had this for lunch with a glass of low sodium V8. Very yummy and filling.

Ms B. October 26, 2005