Whole Wheat Waffles With Blueberries

"The waffles are very good without the blueberries, but hey, why not shoot the works? Should I mention that this is a healthy breakfast? Baking time is actually however long it takes your waffle iron."
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photo by Nimz_
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Ready In:




  • Mix all of the above ingredients together, except blueberries and syrup.
  • Bake in a preheated waffle iron.
  • Place a blueberry in each of the waffles "cups" and top with syrup.

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  1. YUM! If you are looking for a light fluffy waffle that you can make either soft or crunchy on the outside, this one is for you. I decreased the milk to 2 cups for a thicker batter that wouldn't run out of my waffle maker. I added one splash of vanilla. How to get fluffy waffles: Separate the 2 eggs, add the egg yolks to the other ingredients and beat the 2 egg whites to a stiff peak. After all of the other ingredients are mixed well, fold the egg whites into them. Perfect waffles! The whole family was begging for more, even the little ones! Cook longer for a if you like the outside crispy. Thanks for this great recipe.
  2. Great Recipe! I added frozen wild blueberries to the mix and it turned out great that way too! I also added about 1/2 tsp vanilla. Thanks for posting!
  3. Overall, strightforward recipe that worked as advertised. My family was only so-so about the taste of the wheat over the traditional white flour waffles. Because of this, the three kids were unanimous with a 3-star rating. In spite of this, I'll probably cook this again to provide a healthier alternative for breakfast.
  4. Great tasting waffles. They are very light and fluffy. Would recommend you try these. You can't beat them. Thanks for posting this lovely recipe.
  5. My family (including a 2 yr old and 4 yr old) loved these! Why make white flour waffles when you can make whole wheat and they taste great! Will be my staple recipe!


  1. Yum! What a great breakfast for a cold winter day. I made few changes: substituted 1/4 c. flax meal for 1/4 c. flour, used 1/8 c. oil versus 1/4 c., and added 1 tsp. vanilla extract. These waffles are good plain, with syrup, with blueberries and bananas, and with homemade strawberry sauce. Thanks, this is a keeper.



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