Whole Wheat Pizza Crust

"This is so good. Even my kids and DH will eat this crust."
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Ready In:
2 crusts




  • Mix water, oil, honey and yeast.
  • Add wheat gluton, garlic powder (optional) and two cups of the flour.
  • If you are using a mixer like a Bosch, Dimension or a KitchenAid you add additional flour until the sides of the mixer come clean.
  • Knead about 7 minutes in your mixer.
  • If mixing by hand add one cup at a time until the right consistence and knead until smooth and elastic.
  • If you choose you can let the dough rise but I just divide the dough and half and roll out one on my pizza stone.
  • After you roll the dough out pierce the rolled out pizza dough with a fork.
  • Bake the pizza crust 450 degrees for about five minutes.
  • Add your toppings such as sauce and cheese or whatever you want on pizza and then put back into the oven at 450 for about 10 minutes.
  • Repeat for the second crust.

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  1. I was searching for the perfect 100% wheat pizza crust recipe a long time ago and made this one. We loved it. But then I didn't make pizza for a long time and lost this recipe amongst all my other ones and had no idea of which wheat pizza crust we liked. I kept trying different ones, but they just didn't compare. I made this one tonight and knew this was it. It was so delicious my husband had no idea it was wheat (which he normally is not a fan of). This is better than most white flour recipes. If you're looking for a hearty/heavy whole grain crust this is not it. This is a nice light and fluffy crust. I also put in 1 tsp. salt, used 3 1/2 c. flour, and used four small cloves garlic instead of garlic powder. This will be my only crust recipe from now on. YUM!
  2. 26 pizza crusts later...I think we finally found a winner! Not only did it taste good, but it also held up well on the pizza we did with double the sauce! As a bonus, this was SUPER easy to make! I just dumped everything in my food processor, set the timer, and walked away. Then, I was THRILLED at how easy this was to roll out...I think it is the easiest one I've done yet! The first crust I rolled out onto a cold pizza stone, and prebaked it for 5 min. The 2nd crust, I rolled out onto a slip-pat baking mat, tossed onto a baking sheet, and left for about 10 minutes, while the other pizza cooked. In the end, the crust on the slip-pat actually turned out a bit nicer. Maybe because my stone is too new, and my crust actually stuck to it. Anyway, the only change I made was to add 1 heaping T. of flax seed. Thank you! I can now stop buying emergency back up freezer pizzas!
  3. Got me through one dinnertime, but I won't make again. The crust was tasteless and only served to carry the toppings. Needs more salt, is my guess. Followed the directions exactly, including pre-baking before adding toppings and baking on a stone.
  4. Ok I can write more later but I had to add alot to make this and I'm not sure if it willbe ok. Iam making it by hand so I had to add a lot of extra wheat. Msaybe this is only if you have a fancy mixer. I'm going to try to save it. It is thick and gooey.
  5. Great recipe! I made it without the wheat gluten and it still came out amazing. My husband loved it and has been requesting pizza on a weekly basis.


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