White Castle Hamburgers (Copycat)

photo by Bullscreeker photo by Bullscreeker
photo by Bullscreeker
photo by Bullscreeker photo by Bullscreeker
Ready In:
1hr 50mins




  • Place ground beef,onion powder, salt and 1/2 cup of the water in a food process, and process for a few seconds to ensure that water,onion powder and salt are blended through the beef.
  • Place plastic wrap on the counter. Place hamburger in the middle, then place another pieces of plastic wrap on top of the meat.
  • Roll the hamburger out to 1/4-inch thick. Remove plastic wrap cut meat into 3-inch squares. Poke holes in each piece five times with a plastic straw.
  • Cover hamburger squares with plastic wrap. Freeze until partially frozen, but not frozen solid.
  • Place onions, beef bouillon and 1/2 cup water in a frying pan. Sauté over medium-low heat, stirring until the onions are soft, and adding more water as needed.
  • Remove from heat until ready to cook hamburger patties.
  • To prepare patties, heat frying pan over medium-low heat, add water to onions just until the bottom of the frying pan is covered.
  • Place patties in pan; cover with lid. It will only take a short time for the patties to cook on one side. Turn, and cook on the other side for a very short time. The patties should be juicy.
  • When done place each hamburger on top of a roll. Add pickles, then cover hamburgers so they heat up the roll.

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  1. Very close to real thing , Use real onions in my opinion.<br/>I put the buns on top of the patty half way though <br/>the meat cooking to steam the bun like white castle does.<br/>I used better than bouillon brand bouillon for extra flavor.
  2. Dear Cookin in Texas, You are THE BOMB!!!! These things were great-just like White Castle's. I doubled the batch and came out with two dozen of these gems, and we ate and ate and ate. Wonderful treat for Memorial Day Weekend, except I gained three pounds. Love you, love you!!!!!
  3. merci beaucoup
  4. Fan Frigging Tastic !!!!
  5. YUM, very delicious. A MUST TRY RECIPE!!!


I am a housewife, I love to cook and experiment with different spices and flavors, there are not many recipe ideas I will not try. EXCEPT! anything that is extremely HOT and SPICY, I have a allot of family members living here and most of us spend the holidays together.We all Love to eat and look forward to the different AND the traditional recipes on the Holidays. My pet peeve...HUM it makes me crazy when someone cooks and leaves the mess pile up, It's easier to clean as you go, that way when the food is done you can actually sit down and enjoy it. I am very passionate about and being apart of the fight to prevent animal cruelty, and helping to educate people about what happens to Children or Pets left in vehicles on very hot or very cold days, also Pets left in extreme elements outside without the proper necessities. I believe that anyone that purposely harms or torturers a child or a animal is a Coward!
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