White Castle Cheeseburgers

"I love White Castle. I admit it, but I'd have to drive two hours to get to the nearest White Castle, so, I found this recipe in the Top Secret Recipes book. It is very well worth the effort if you love White Castles. Nothing compares to this taste."
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photo by bigchad_2000
Ready In:
16 Burgers




  • Separate the beef into 16 1 oz portions.
  • On wax paper, form the portions into square, very thin 2.5" patties.
  • Poke 5 holes in each patties with a circular object such as a straw.
  • Freeze the patties until firm.
  • Toast the faces of the dinner rolls, either in a hot frying pan or under the broiler In a hot frying pan or skillet, preheated to medium heat, arrange tablespoon sized piles of onions 3 inches apart.
  • Salt and Pepper each pile.
  • Spread the onions flat and place a frozen patty on each pile.
  • Salt each patty.
  • Cook each patty for 4-6 minutes, steam from the onions should cook each burger without having to flip it.
  • Turn the bottom half of the bun onto the patty.
  • Hold it down as you scoop a spatula under the onions, turn the sandwich over onto a plate Cut the American cheese into 2" portions and place on the onions and patty.
  • Replace the top of the roll.
  • Serve hot.

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  1. I make a similar version that is much easier and tastes exactly like a White Castle. Brown 1 1/4# ground beef, drain and add 2 tbls. mayo, 1 pkg. Lipton onion soup mix and 6 oz. shredded cheddar. Use 3 pkgs. Pepperidge Farm dinner rolls (12 per pack) cut in half horizontally but not split into individual rolls. Spread meat mixture evenly over rolls and add a pickle slice on each roll. Replace top, wrap in foil, place on sheet pan and bake in upper third of 350 degree oven for 25 min. Excellent!
  2. I will tell you how long I have been eating White Castle "Belly Bombs". At first on one or two weekends a month in Queens New York they were on sale for(ready)? Six (6) for 25 cents. As I aged a little and picked up a few innocent bad habits we found that IF you had a beer hangover these were the only things that helped you return to normalcy. Now living far away from those wonderful gastronomic killers (don't get me wrong) which I love and my almost 80 year old body will still accept as norishment I was so pleased to get this recipe. Thank you, thank you. One of my Christmas wishes has been fullfilled. Cap'n Jack
  3. I made like a 'zillion' of these for our Nascar party this year. Everyone loved them. I cheated and put them on a baking sheet and stuck them in the oven (with onions on top) worked very well and I was able to make 50 of them at a time!! I broiled the buns to toast them. <br/>Don't forget the pickle slice!! Yummy!! Thank you Miss Erin!
  4. I made these for super bowl and they were very good! I held mine in oven at 210 degrees with wet paper towels and foil over top. Next time, I will also add wet paper towels to bottom of dish when reheating. Bottoms got kinda crunchy. I made a double batch of this and rolled out on cookie sheet with rolling pin (plastic wrap over meat) then rolling. The next time I fix these which will be soon, I am going to add more dried onion, salt and pepper. I used hot dogs buns cut into thirds. Served with American cheese and pickle. YUMMY!
  5. I am currently living in Korea so they don't have a anything like a White Castle. When I suprised my husband with these for lunch he tought I had found a Whitle Castle here. They were sooooo good. Thank you!!!!


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