Veggie Skeleton

READY IN: 10mins
YIELD: 1 Skeleton




  • For the head fill a small bowl with your favorite dip. Take six small broccoli florets and press.
  • one at a time lining the top edge of the bowl for hair. Slice an olive and press two rounds in the.
  • dip for eyes. Take a small slice of red or yellow pepper for the mouth.
  • For the body layout five cucumber rounds below the bowl of dip.
  • For the rib cage lay out 8 slices of red bell peppers over the cucumber rounds, four on each side.
  • Take the two green beans and layout one on each side of the first cucumber as shoulder blades.
  • For the arms connect a baby carrot on each side of the green bean. For elbows layout a small.
  • cauliflower floret below each baby carrot. Add another baby carrot below each cauliflower.
  • floret. Add little slices of celery for hands.
  • Below the last cucumber add three large cauliflower florets and layout 2 inch slices of celery for.
  • the legs. Add two small cauliflower florets below each celery stock for knees. Finish the legs.
  • with two small 1inch slices of celery below each knee. Add detail to the legs by adding a sugar.
  • snap pea to each leg.
  • Add slices of mushroom as feet.