Tomato and Cucumber Salad

"Simple yet satisfying greek salad"
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photo by anniesnomsblog
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  • Clean the tomatoes and cut them in wedges. Place in bowl.
  • Peel cucumbers and cut them in thin slices. Add to bowl.
  • Add olive oil, oregano and salt (all to taste). Sprinkle vinegar over the salad, taste and add more vinegar if needed. Serve.

Questions & Replies

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  1. nathanieljsizemore
    Could you substitute mint leaves, or dill for some or all of the oregano?
  2. jknoten52
    Would red wine vinegar work?


  1. Kitty R.
    A variation of this was a summertime staple when I was growing up--no tomato or oil, add thinly sliced onion. Seems there was always a bowl of this on the table. We still have it often when cucumbers are in season. Also, plenty of black pepper is a must!
  2. Debbb
    Very refreshing & pretty summer salad! I, too, cut the recipe way back as I'm the only one that eats tomatoes & cucumbers. For my 1 tomato and 1 cucumber, I used 4 tsp each of oil & vinegar, 1 tsp of oregano and 1/2 tsp of salt.
  3. tmercks
    An excellent finishing touch I use found in a similar recipe. Sprinkle on some feta cheese just before eating. Oh, you're gonna like this!
  4. anniesnomsblog
    Super easy to make and tasted great! We served it as a side dish with lunch and then my fiancé took the leftovers to work the next day for lunch; fabulous salad recipe!
  5. lauralie41
    Easy salad to make and fantastic flavor! I used 2 medium sized cucumbers, 5 plum tomatoes, and apple cider vinegar.. I sprinkled everything on, tasted, then adjusted from there. I did need a good amount of salt but went easy on the oregano, oil, and vinegar. Want to make this again soon! Made and reviewed for KC's European Forum's The Big Fat Greek Tag Game!


  1. tmercks
    add one ingredient before eating. Feta Ccheese
  2. awehrle
    Add thinly sliced onion.


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